Hiccups: Ten Proven Ayurvedic ways to get rid forever

Are you tired of everyday hiccups that disturbing you and also your other ones? So here we’ve 10 of the easiest ways to get rid of your irregular hiccups. These remedies are so easy to make and you can find in your kitchen. These tips are based on Ayurveda so you don’t need to worry about any kind of side effects. So let’s check out.


Onion Juice

  • You can stop hiccups by using Onion juice.
  • Put a few drops of onion juice in your Nose and you’ll definitely get a result in minutes.



  • Take one tablespoon of Turmeric Powder and Drink it with one glass of water.
  • If didn’t work then try the next one.

Milk & Dry Ginger

  • Boil few grams of Dry Ginger in Milk.
  • Now let the cool down temperature of milk and then put 2 or 3 drops of that mixture in your nose.



  • This remedy is also as simple as the above tips.
  • You just need a juice of carrot and put few drops of them in your nose.


  • Just drink the juice of radish vegetable and you’ll definitely get rid of your hiccups.


Cow Milk

  • Drinking boiled cow milk will give you relaxation from hiccups.

Honey & Basil Leaves

  • Take 10 grams juice of basil leaves and 5 grams of honey.
  • Now mix them well and drink it.



  • Eating a Cumin will help you to rid of your Hiccups.

Drumstick Leaves

  • Drinking a Juice of Drumsticks leaves will also help you to prevent this problem.



  • Only one glass of Sugarcane Juice also helps you to stop hiccups in a few minutes.


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