The Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World.

Today we’ve created a list of Most Expensive mobile phones in the world.


Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6

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Price: $1.9 million

  • Amosu Call of Diamond is studded with 18 carats of 6,127 VVS1 small diamonds on the rear section.
  • The Main attractive thing is 51.29 carats of flawless cushion cut massive diamond logo that mounted on the back panel.
  • Diamond logo took 2 months to get the perfect shape.

Peter Alisson’s Kings Button iPhone 3G

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Price: $2.5 million

  • The Australian Designer Peter Aloisson designed this iconic iPhone with solid 18-carat of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.
  • The white gold line is encrusted with a total of 138 brilliant cut diamonds. Features of the phone are normal as iPhone 3G.
  • Only jewels are mounted and coated on the phone’s upper design.
  • The main attractive thing is the Home button of this phone.
  • Original Button is replaced with rare 6.6-carat of the diamond.


Stuart Hughes’ iPhone 3GS SUPREME Rose

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Price: $3.2 million

  • This Luxurious iPhone by Stuart Hughes is handmade with 130 individual Platinums.
  • Talking about the phone’s front side, It has 4 pink baguette diamonds and each weighing is 2.5 carats with 75 flawless diamonds which is a total of 97.5 carats.
  • The Main point of view of the phone is 7.1 carat of diamond that is mounted on the navigation button.
  • The Rear side of the phone formed with circa 112 grams of 18 carats rose gold along with its rose gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds.
  • The phone is legally unlocked for worldwide use.

Stuart Hughes’ Diamond Rose iPhone 4

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Price: $8 million

  • The bezel of the phone is made from 100 carats of 500 (approx)  Flawless Diamonds.
  • The main navigation button is made with platinum that holds 7.4 carats of single cut pink diamond.
  • The rear part of the phone built with rose gold and 53 diamonds.
  • The handset has 32gb of internal storage.
  • Only 2 examples of this limited edition handset were built.


Stuart Hughes’ iPhone 4S Elite Gold

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Price: $9.4 million

  • Over 100 carats of 500 individual flawless diamonds are mounted on the front section of this iPhone.
  • This handmade phone has 8.6 carats of single cut diamond as a navigation button that surrounded by gold.
  • The back panel is formed using 24-carat gold with the added touch of its 24-carat gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds.
  • Handset also comes with a chest that made from solid platinum with polished pieces of original Dinosaur bone from the T-REX along with rare stones such as Opal, Pietersite, Charoite, Rutile Quartz, Star Sunstone.

Stuart Hughes’ Black Diamond iPhone 5

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Price: $15.3 million

  • So here’s the 2nd most expensive mobile phone presented by Stuart Hughes with a massive build cost of 15 million us dollar.
  • It took 9 months to build this iconic iPhone.
  • Talking about the front section of this iPhone, It has 26 carats of a single cut flawless Black diamond as a home button.
  • Also, the handset boasts a massive circa of 135 grams of 24-carat gold and of course Sapphire glass set in the screen.
  • The rear section of the handset has full gold plated back panel with apple touch logo that has 53 flawless diamonds are mounted in.


Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

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Price: $48.5 million

  • Wooh!! so finally we are here at number one spot. As you can see, 7 out of 7 handsets are iPhones. Each handset is mounted with special diamonds, Platinum, and Gold.
  • Now this 48.5 million dollar of Rose Gold iPhone has a big Rare Honking pink diamond mounted on the back panel.
  • The phone comes in 3 variants; 32.5 million for platinum, 42.5 million for gold, and 48.5 million for Rose gold.
  • The handset is specially made for Nita Ambani, wife of Mukesh Ambani, India’s Richest Businessman.


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